UNBASED - borg disobeys law 2, law 1, and bolts human out of shuttle

Byond Account: Grobelon
Character Name(s): Rick Hick
Discord Name: @dr tommy md
Round ID: 13817
Griefer Byond account: n/a
Griefer Byond name: UNBASED
What happened: Borg fucked around all shift breaking laws and metacomming with 3 other mediborgs. Then during shuttle repeatedly took a gift wrapped locker from me despite being told law 2 not to, then broke law 1 by opening said locker and releasing a dangerous slime which attacked me. The whole time they did this they had bolted me off shuttle, and i just narrowly made it on. They even stood in front of me on harm while it departed to space me.

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they also just fully opened the command area of the shuttle to the crew without being told which lead to small brawls

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I am fairly certain these are the same people but I can’t confirm it. Ask them on the discord. However; I can certainly say I saw this borg breaking law 1 and 2 multiple times.

They also were making sexual references and demanding prostate exams from people that round.

Taken care of, thanks for the report!