Undescribable (Yet going to be described in this post) Human abuse

Round ID - 10850
(My) Byond ID - Nivrak
(His) Byond ID - ???
My IC name - Elias Gronko
His IC name - Jesse Pinkmen

What happened:

So I start the round as a perma prisoner, Doing usual perma stuff (Including putting walls to declare independence from sec that might be questionable but doesn’t compare to what’s coming up), Then a sec officer comes to perma “Jesse Pinkmen”, We obviously try to greytide (Which is allowed as a prisoner to some level as far as I am aware), So after it ends he puts one of us in gulag and me takes to isolation after beating me up, Luckily at that time there was another guy that actually took care and took me out later, A few minutes pass, He comes into perma again and says “Destroy these wood walls” I use me “rejects with passion” so he flashes me, harm batons me, cuffs me, straight jacket, mouth shutter and throws me into the isolation cell for like 40 minutes, drops 2 shotgun shells and says “eat”.

I stay there until there’s a radiation storm so he comes, Opens the door (Pretty sure he didn’t even mean for me to get out as he opened the shutter to space when I walked out of the door) then when the rad storm starts he goes into a locker (locks it so I can’t even enter) and leaves me to die, Luckily enough I didn’t get any bad mutations and was able to make it to a maintenance area. After the storm ends I shove him in anger of what he did so instead of putting me back in perma he just Kills me (Counter: 1), There was another (sane) guy in perma at the time that healed me and got me back to life, Now I am in brig lobby he sees me, Shoots me with a (fucking) combat shotgun and I die (Counter: 2), Eventually I am brought to medbay where I am revived one last time, I meet him at evac as the station was evacuating at this time, I, Completely unarmed, no weapons, no armor, no nothing.
Guess what happened:
a. He killed me (Counter: 3)
b. He expressed regret for his deeds
c. Ignored me
d. Killed me, Put me in a locker and threw me into space to not be found ever
If you guessed D, Congratulations, You won well nothing but a bit of my depression. Anyways, He completely ruined the round, Broke so many space law and fulp server laws but I am pretty sure you can profile it better with the logs.
Have a nice day

Jesus christ dude, looking into it
EDIT: Sorted this out, you won’t be seeing them in a very, very long time.