Unfair and bad timed ban(Carl Guess)

Byond Account: EveeKai
Character Name(s): Carl Guess
Discord Name: z Evee#2388
Round ID of Ban: 22834
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: So the problem was that i loaded my revolver with .357 as detective and it counted as powergaming? Alright ill explain:
1.I do that because its more fun for me i like having to deal with the risk.
2.I do it because its easier to run away from danger and im really unrobust so it makes up for my lack of skill.
3.My objective is to not reduce the fun from anyone but to raise the fun i have, it doesnt have anything to do with any objective, hence doesnt connect with powergaming.

Why do i think this ban was unfair?:
1.As the admin states, i wouldnt have gotten a ban if i dint “throw a fit”, that doesnt really sound professional and plus, at no point ive shown anger or cursed at the admin.
2.So it seems like the fact i proceeded to list off rules was a problem?I was just trying to remind the admin of the server rules to help them close off the ticket, i cant really see a problem where i tried to help.
3.There is no rule that says sec cant carry contraband, it only says they shouldnt use it and should aim for non-lethal approaches whenever possible(I dint use the revolver at any point that round).
4.I think the admin has gone over the edge on this one, it feels more of a personal thing than a reasonable ban because i wouldn’t have banned if i dint “throw a fit”, in the moment i was banned i was in the middle of a report with the HoS, was gonna inform sec of who was emagging doors and then boom i got banned in the middle of the Roleplay.
5.If the problem was about sec carrying contraband and you really wanted to ban me, then its a job ban from sec, i dont see how its a total ban?

If you’re an ass in a ticket, we don’t expect our mods to tolerate you. We are a group of unpaid nerds moderating a spaceman server; if you want someone to put up with random bullshit, go spend some time at Wal-Mart’s customer service desk.

Your argument that carrying contraband is fine as long as you don’t use it is stupid. You know it’s stupid. Everyone reading this also knows it’s stupid.

This isn’t a legal document, and trying to find sneaky little loopholes doesn’t hold up in appeals. I’d like to point out our rule 0:

0). Take these rules as they are to be intended and not as they are written literally.

Any rational person would understand that, if you can’t legally use something, you shouldn’t be running around with it, either (see core 2 on powergaming)

What you were doing was 100% rule lawyering and obnoxious, and this is not the first time staff have left remarks about poor interactions with you in tickets, so I’m leaving this ban in place with the slight edit that the banning mod should have cited core 0.1 instead of admin 0 in this message.

Also, while we’re here, please refrain from using emoticons in IC chat in the future.

Line 2289: [2022-10-29 13:46:11.048] SAY: EveeKai/(Carl Guess) “empty ;-;” (Central Primary Hallway (102,143,2))