Using information from previous life to validhunt killer as head of staff

Byond Account: Pepsilawn

Character Name(s): Xar-See

Discord Name: Pepsilon#7751

Round ID: 11475

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name: Lizard security officer whose name I did not note down, later became Victor XII

What happened: As a security officer, while patrolling maintenance, they were attacked and killed by a changeling. Shortly after this, Victor XII (CMO)'s body was offered to ghosts due to them being SSD. The moment the alert closed, the officer’s body goes soulless and Victor XII runs to the the spot their previous body died and immediately engaged with the ling, thus using metaknowledge which the original Victor XII did not have to validhunt their previous life’s murderer.

In image you can see the officer’s soulless (and husked, hence why I cannot note down their name) body along with Victor XII, CMO whose body was given and which had no reason to be there or engage with the ling Morgan Vasiliev if they hadn’t used their previous life’s knowledge. It all took place in that room in maintenance above medbay. It’s extremely bad as it also meant that we lost our CMO for the entire round as their corpse was never recovered.

Thank you for the report, I have taken the appropriate action against the offending party.