Using lavaland spawner for bad

Byond Account: Cook77
Character Name(s): Zed Oppenheimer
Discord Name: Cook#7697
Round ID:9672
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Zack Rhinehart

What happened: As a shaft miner i go in to the tech cult church to have a look around and say hello, one of the guys starts demanding an answer from me whether i like flesh or machines more (assuming he wants to ask if i want augments but i don’t so i say flesh). He then immediately pulls out his energy sniper rifle and tells me to leave, i say ok and before i can speak to him or even fully leave he starts shooting me with it. I then came back around 5 mins later no weapons drawn to speak to him again and he still has his gun out and 2shots me before i can speak to him.

He’s blatantly just looking for any minor sign of a reason to shoot someone and has no intention of using his words when i had 0 hostile interaction towards him and didnt even have a weapon out.

Sorted this out, thanks for the report.