Vae Mentor Application

Byond Account: HoodMilk
Character Name(s): Vae, Rhaks
Discord Name: Hood Milk#1414
Age: 18
Timezone: EST
Active hours: 10am - 12pm

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

I have been on Fulpstation for around 6 (probably closer to 7?) moths. I have around 850 hours in game and Fulp is the only server I’ve played on for a significant amount of time.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

While I have pretty general knowledge of most of the game I can primarily mentor for Medical, Service, Cargo, and Science.

Medical: I fully understand surgery and chem production along with virology. I am still learning plumbing but hope to have that fully understood soon. Also know ways to keep busy in the rare cases that medbay is empty like upgrading the treatment room or experimental surgeries and working with robotics to produce medbots and cleanbots.

Service: Keeping the crew happy and fed is pretty easy for new players to grasp so I’m not sure that mentors are really even needed for service? Either way I understand all service jobs and know some techniques that are rarely used or could be considered advanced. Stuff like working with chem to get cyroxadone to make synthmeat for chefs or getting high instability plants to try to find useful chemicals as a botanist. I have experience with working as a psychologist and curator (Space exploration too!) and can help out on these jobs that are more RP heavy. Making drinks as bartender that suit the situation is helpful and fun (Making Cuba Libre during rev rounds and demon’s blood when there are slaughter demons about).Also I run a shop in the abandoned commissary in a lot of rounds and that is quite fun.

Cargo: I know what to do as QM to keep the station happy and to keep cargo from rebelling. Get them bounties done and when the bounties dry up sell plasma or work with atmos to make wild money. Accept reasonable requests (Not privately bought singularities) and order materials when miners are not doing their jobs or are all dead. As a miner I don’t have much experience with fighting megafauna because they scare me but I know how to eke out a safe existence on the planet of ash. Cargo tech is pretty much exactly like the QM but with less responsibility.

Science: I have VERY in depth knowledge of Xenobio and the various helpful uses it can have for the station. I have even helped theorycraft (Either in the Fulp discord or just speaking to friends) interesting strategies and unique ways to utilize the tools Xenobio has it its disposal. In general Xenobio is the aspect of science I have the most knowledge and experience on. I understand robotics fairly well and know how to reset borgs and make mechs. Genetics is fairly easy but its important to understand how the power should be used (Not giving out telekinesis and hulk to the entire crew) and I know how to utilize the enzyme and identity saving features and how to use chromosomes. I have a fairly basic understand of nanites but am hoping to learn more about it (Need to meet up with a friend who said they were going to teach me). I understand the concepts of atmos and toxins but have not really put them into practical use during rounds or when I have messed up spectacularly (Making a TTV accidently in the turbine room and exploding horribly). Toxins is pretty much the one area I do not have any good knowledge about and can’t really help mentor with this area.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I feel like the rules for the server need to be made more visible in-game as a lot of new players think that Fulp is exactly the same as TG. A lot of antags think they are allowed to kill anybody they want for any reason. It would be nice to stress that fulp is a MRP server as it seems to be trending more towards LRP recently. I’ve helped teach some new players stuff in game and they have been nice and receptive to advice. But in general I have had fun here and made some close friends, even if I became slightly addicted for the first 4 months (I took a break from ss13 around November and am playing less these days but I feel much better mentally as a result)


+1, best santa helper :orange_heart:

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+1 great player,great person

This one alright.


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Biggest +1 ever, great person IC and OOC and knows a bunch about the game too.

+1 Vae is good and really active

+1 A really nice person and seems very fun to be around in the game

I’ve seen you a couple times IC, you are cool. +1

Disregard this application, I no longer want to be a mentor anymore. Kept here for archival purposes only