Valid hunting roboticists

Round ID: 22384
Date: 27/09/22
Griefer IC name: Bones McAdams, Dagobah DX

What happened: Two roboticists, Bones McAdams and Dagobah DX, made durands with loaded weapons. They broke into virology with their durands after hearing there were vampires there. It was after a conflict and the vampires + vassals (Chadwick Nelson - Vamp, Joachim Richardson - Sec vassal) managed to pretend it wasn’t them. When leaving, they said that vampires were enemies of the station. (1). Also saying they wouldn’t listen to security (2).

They went to the chapel as someone told them there was a murder going on (idk who or if that was true). The chaplain (James Baker) had a dark blessing null rod (3), Dagobah DX killed them, believing they were a changeling (4).

Later, a doctor told them of another vampire base, which they raided with their mechs again (5), chasing a thrall into the wastes (6).

There were active security that shift (7) and the people they killed, were not actively a large or known threat to consider them valid. I didn’t see them do any other task in robotics except making their mechs and ammo, leading me to believe they’re just playing to validhunt with mechs.

The CMO also went SSD after being caught by the vampires (8), before any of this happened, which I assume was without ahelping.

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handled. thanks for the report! and i would just like to say this is the perfect example of a good grief patrol and made looking into it a breeze. i appreciate your formatting :) :partying_face: