Validhunter Thomas Pierce

Byond Account: Howliunb
Character Name(s): Khalil Hunter
Discord Name: @Howluinb31153
Round ID: 9954
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Thomas Pierce
What happened: basically, full context, rev round earlier today, i get turned into a revhead roundstart.
i proceed to flash a couple people, not hurting anyone. see thomas pierce in science, sunglasses on but didnt realize, and flash him.
boy oh boy he proceeds to shove me, toolbox me in the head and drag me to rd while in crit. Didnt defend myself as i literally couldnt. some other rev manages to take my body, bring it to med. I get healed, but while healed, still limping, he enters medbay and starts toolboxing me again screaming i am a revhead. i get away, go in science to get help from the other revs, to which he proceeds to follow me constantly, toolboxing me the entire time as i literally just try to escape. he then proceeds to tell the det i am a revhead while i am literally just dying on the floor, havent fought with anybody at all, and carries on trying to follow me and kill me and another rev who tried to get me away. he finally leaves once i have cuffs on, critted, and sec carrying me to brig

P.S.: This person wasnt able to make a grief report so i made this for him

Sorted this out, sorry about the late reply and thanks for the report!