Validhunting,Metagaming terrible player

Byond Account: exymian

Character Name(s): Mehmed

Discord Name: Exymian#9483

Round ID: 10648

Griefer Byond account: x

Griefer Byond name: Achim Nietzsche

What happened: I was a contractor this round, contracted one person and as soon as the pod left he saw me. I left thinknig nothing of it, went far into maints and got away from the scene. After relocating for 2 minutes, i use my uplink to look at what i want to get and i see achim chasing me so i run for more since i really dont want to kill him. He finds me again when im busy shoves me and takes my flash, starts killing me and flashing me. I fake deathgasp and manage to get 1 contractor baton hit but i get shoved and get that stolen so he uses that to take me to security. I use freedom implants then he, as a job named “Head of clowns”, starts yelling that i have freedom implants !!. Security didn’t have any proof of my hostile behavior so i got locked in for 7 minutes for contraband.

After i got out, i see achim in medbay and start shoving him, he yells at security that i am a syndie traitor and to arrest me but i had freedom implants and that he should be careful. They took me to the captain so they execute me but captain didn’t so he killed himself.

General shitter, when i asked him on why he would do such thing he said “I am Head of clowns, im just being a shitter”. Garbage metagaming validhunter player who still denies that he did anything wrong.

validhunting achim


Dealt with! Thanks for the report and detailed explanation, it really helped.