Validhunting Miner and Lawset breaking AI

Byond Account:SmokeyCat
Character Name(s):Sebastian Jewell/ Mister Safety Hazard
Discord Name:Intorito
Round ID:30122
Griefer IC name:Jana Tazra / Redth-Overwatch
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened: AI on paladin lawset without justifiable proof validhunted a atmos tech by the name of Miesha, didnt care about a validhunter attacking the person prior, broke its 3 law to protect legitimate authority. Jana Tazra ( Miner) went out of their way to valid hunt said atmos tech as far as following them into engineering and trying to kill.

In order:

  1. AI had proof in form of watching you and Miesha work together (the fact that you weren’t even an antag is another matter entirely).
  2. Law 3 was “Act with honor”. The law you’re thinking about is most likely law 2 “Respect legitimate authority”. Note that it says legitimate and respect, not protect.
  3. Jana Tazra was a traitor with an optional objective in engineering.

Dealt with. Thanks for the report!