Validhunting RD

Byond Account:Boboskhan
Character Name(s): Negrundayo Smokey
Discord Name: KingKongress #1988
Round ID: 14129
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Conner baker
What happened: I tried to space my target, RD chases me into space with a jetpack so I attempt to avoid him without harming him. He chases me back onto the station and crits me with a fireaxe then drags my body as I bleed on the floor. I attempt to bullshit him into not killing me by telling him that the man I spaced was a traitor so he tells me "don't do sec's job" WHICH IS VERY IRONIC. He cuffs my critted bleeding body and puts me in an oxygen deprived area so I naturally die
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Taken care of!