Vault Theft Self-Antag

Byond Account: JorDuron
Character Name(s): Gerald Ravin
Discord Name: Duron#8203
Round ID: 16139
Griefer IC name: Michael Hegarty
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened: I was observing when I witnessed Michael Hegarty break into space above vault via maints, then breaking into vault, making two hidden doors, he then proceeded to take the champions belt, the classified documents, and then siphon station credits, I did not ahelp this in round because it had not occured to me someone would do this without an objective to, of all things, stealing documents from vault to self antag was not one I expected.

He was not only not antag, but there also wasn’t a single antagonist with an objective like this.

This player has been perma’d for unrelated reasons, so I’m going to close this, but thank you for the report!