VinEuro Mentor App

Byond Account: Wowheisasian
Character Name(s): Fritz Hermanns, Orion JSH, Eric Biery, B.E.A.U, B.E.A.U-O.S Version 1.1, etc…
Discord Name: VinEuro
Age: 23
Timezone: CET
Active hours: depends on my work shedules, but mostly in the timeframe from 3pm-11pm CET
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: perhabs in the future

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

and for good measure my TG hours, just to show my general experience in the game:

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Medical : I started off as a big medical main; I have memorized most essential surgeries, I can deduce what is causing damage in a patient and know how to fix that efficiently. I know what most healing meds do, when to utilize stasis beds over surgery tables (though I gotta admit I can be a bit too lazy to carry my patients to the surg tables) and what blood types are compatible.
As a virologist I know how to make a good base for beneficial viruses, how to strengthen symptomes and how to print cures of course.
Chemistry I am not that confident in, I only know how to make chems following the guides, but plumbing is something I still have to learn.
I know what paramedics are supposed to do (I only do surgeries, etc. (doctor stuff) as a paramed in emergency cases or when medbay is understaffed)

Science : Roboticist is my most played job on fulp and I know almost everything about it. Do I get bonus points for remembering that tracking beacons for mechs are a thing? No? Fair…
Genetics is also something I know how to do, and hey, I know not to give hulk out randomly!
The other science stuff (toxins, xenobio, etc.) I still have to learn.

Security : I suppose I know how to follow space law. Don’t remember ever being called Shitsec.
I know how to look for clues as a detective and compare fingerprints.
Used to play deputy a quite a bit (rip Mall Cops).

Engineering : My engineering knowledge is…meh. I know how start the basic sm set-up and fix machinery. I can also patch up holes in the station, but asking me to set up new pipes and cable connections will make me cry. Still have a lot to learn in that regard. Don’t ask me about atmos, I don’t know pipes…

Service : As cook and barkeep I know how to follow recipes and where to get ingredients.
As a botanist I know how to grow basic plants, still have to learn mutations and how to use chems to give different effects.
As a janitor I know how vital it is to keep the station clean to avoid diseases, demons and a generally disgusting looking station.
As a curator I know how to operate the newscaster and…how to use the gps to find cool stuff in space once you get bored with actually doing the job.
As mime and clown I know how NOT to be lynched by the crew.

Supply : Cargo Tech is fairly easy , so no issues on that front for me.
I have never beaten megafauna as a shaft miner, since it’s more of a chill-out job for me. I just enjoy gathering ores and exploring lavaland. Boring, I know.

Silicone : I know how to follow my laws, where a bit of flexibility can be applied in them and how to assist the humans to the best of my abilities.
I know most that is to know about being a borg and feel confident in my abilities as the AI. (sairhorn hello crew sairhorn)

Command : Don’t enjoy being command, except AI, but that hardly counts. Thus don’t have much experience in that field.

Antags : not a lot of experience in that regard either sadly.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
My first impression of the server was good, the server felt welcoming, no tiding and no murderboning. The vibe is very different to the server I was on before.
The thing I noticed and quite admire is that quite a few players have well established characters on the server, people you can recognize. I wish to be one of them too at some point.
I also noticed that a lot of the more knowledgeable players don’t mind teaching someone who is new to a mechanic the basics of it, makes my heart feel nice and warm.

I’m just giving applying a shot here, no hard feelings on my part if I don’t become a mentor yet.

That’s it folks!


Not a +1 nor -1. Clean record but not active in the discord for long enough to be able to form an opinion, but you’ve passed all other requirements.

You have no bans or even notes so you must be pretty awesome at following the rules with that much playtime. The app is also well-written, and you have a good spread of role playtime which is not a requirement but is cool anyways.


(also I don’t post in apps much but I’m trying to do that more)

TG paramedic main :fearful:
(+1 looks awesome even if i dont have any memorable anecdotes)

this hasnt been closed yet so ima pretend i reped you hard. +1

I have high hopes your application will be accepted

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Thank you all for reminding me I forgot to close this; your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!

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