Vrology ban on faulty grounds

Byond Account: IronFe
Character Name(s): Lucas Wilmon
Discord Name: Iron#4965
Round ID of Ban: 25128

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): No message as to the job ban nor the length of it.
State your appeal: I was accused of releasing a virus causing spontenous combustion among other less comfortable symptoms as the station’s sole virologist. The name of the disease causing this was radical-6. Just so has it that an hour or more prior to this event I had made another virus of the same name with purely good traits. This good virus had been spread out across the station in the game’s first hour before the sentient disease set in.

In this round I performed my job adequately. Not only making a good virus containing:self-resp, nocturnal restoration, hydrating tissue and sensory restoration but also keeping a physical record of it. This entire process was present in my very lab as radical-1 through -6 was present in culture bottles in the monkey lobby east in viro. Anyone could or can(?) see the process in which I developed these positive traits and isolated the negative ones. I also made vaccines for 2 different diseases during the shift as was required. To add to this anyone seeing the chatlogs from those last moments in viro before the shuttle arrived would clearly see the CMO clearing up the matter entirely by explaining the duplicity of the virus, After this the security that had just arrested me let me go and rescinded the warrant, and the ban have to assume was issued before the said clarification was stated.

I do hope this is investigated to its full extent as to clarify this muddled matter so that I won’t feel limited in any future plays, especially as I am entirely falsly accused as well as an unfairly punished member of fulpstation. My 300h in fulp with no remarks and having played antag a single digit number of times should speak to my intent when playing; I like doing my job.

The ban is erroneous so sure, easy appeal should take effect the round after the ongoing one.