W.I.R.E - borg ban baiting silicons leads to 7 day ban

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): W.I.R.E
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): n/a
Round ID of Ban: 12495
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

The ban reason is: As a borg you plasmaflooded multiple spots including medbay and claim it was on orders but the laws you had and logs do not support this story. Round: 12495
This ban (BanID #16563) was applied by Buzzardman2 on 2021-02-02 17:22:43 during round ID 12496.

State your appeal:

During a changeling round our laws got changed to pretend to be a midcentury drama commentator, law 3 or 4 was that we must obey the director Xar-See. One of the borgs during this round said they were in direct contact with the director and said ~~“director has ordered to kill crew”. After that I went towards toxins where the captain had AI carded to see what was happening and started plasma flooding to kill the crew.

After the round I was surprised that it was a changeling shift and apologised in dead chat as I know that plasma flooding is not allowed unless there are certain antag objs (I thought there was a hijack given someone was walling off evac trying to hijack).

Now the ban is more than fair given the damage done, however, it is not accurate given that the other borg told us in binary chat they were in contact with the director and they had ordered the killing of crew. I was obeying orders given through the borg given by the “director” when in fact it might have been a borg ban-baiting to get borgs who follow their laws. I double checked what they wrote in binary chat before plasma flooding to ensure the orders were accurate as I am fully aware how the destruction of plasma floods negatively effects positive gameplay.

Also note during the round I didn’t self antag when there was a massive attempt to access the ai upload as the ai didn’t give us any orders to prevent this and our laws were not to prevent our own destruction so I just watched while other borgs did not.

I am not asking for the ban to be lifted - just to investigate if the other borg was talking to Xar-See and if not ask them why they told us in binary chat that he said to kill crew.

Since I’m partly involved in this, I think it’s fair to mention that the only cyborg that came to talk to me was the security cyborg played by Gerald Ravin (Ckey JorDuron) where my only order to him was to get the AI back without removing anyone from the round, mentioning that the captain was the order’s goal and saying twice that they should be revivable, that they “shouldn’t be cut from the story/plot”. I did not meet or talk to any other cyborg in any way the entire shift since the subversion.

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I’ll look into the other borgs situation and see what was going on I’ll just treat this like a grief patrol thank you for reporting!