Walfaswolfy's ban appeal

Byond Account: WalfasWolfy
Character Name(s):
Discord Name: N/a
Round ID of Ban: 10895
Ban Message : https://i.imgur.com/Cs4LJbv.png
State your appeal: Admeme malding over snowflake crew ahelping over me going " scensor , oh god oh fuck clown in my , , , , , , shonk shonk shonk shonk , , , , , honk , Suit sensors on or slippery clown time , scensor " at round start

It’s a fucking joke dude it’s fucking shonk there’s nothing sexual about this at all lmao

Imagine getting banned for poor admin interaction and this is the appeal you write, lol.

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Bro I couldn’t care less at this point lmao.

Every interraction I’ve had with you you are the most unfun malding privileged admin on fulp.

Who constantly gets shit talked by the server’s populace early in the morning when the admins aren’t on.

I hear nothing good about you anytime your name comes up and it’s not hard to see why when you drop a 3 day ban on someone for fucking vox “Shonk” lmao

Vox shonk is a little too hot and heavy for Horatio22, the best passive aggressive Admeme on fulp lmao


You got banned over poor admin interaction and still keep going, I don’t know what you expected really…