Warden assumes direct control

Byond Account: Funke-Monke
Character Name(s): Tongueless Ted (me), Honkie Honkers, Taryn Rahl
Discord Name: funky-monky#3154
Round ID: 24857
Date: 8/3/2023 (dd/mm/yy, Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
Griefer IC name: Taryn Rahl
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Icebox round, the shiftstart clown Honkie Honkers seems to have ‘wacky’ ideas planned, I just decided to follow along. First they break into the arrivals sec outpost. I thought this was questionable, and I understand that neither of us were antags at this point. They then use a spear to break open the locker and take loot from it. I also thought that this was getting to be a bit much, but I didn’t report this to security.

Later on, after some side-tracks, they break into dorm maints, and make a path of fake walls leading into the brig, coming from the gulag shuttle dock.
We, the both of us, made the walls of the temporary cells on the lower floor of brig into fake walls. We also notice the permabrig was broken out of, with a prisoner’s ID on the ground. The warden, Taryn Rahl, was obviously upset by this and attempted to arrest us. I would do the same in that situation. The two of us attempt to escape, but in the confusion we were split up, and I assume they were captured. I send a message via PDA consisting of :sec: :q: [SEC ?] before I notice a message on comms from the other clown, Laughing Gas, something along
the lines of ‘help the warden is executing me’. Even if this was exaggeration, I was under the assumption that if I didn’t act as soon as possible, Honkie Honkers would be un-recoverable due to execution.

I then used the fake walls to re-enter perma. One of the fake-walls was blocked, though I had tools to move the wall out of the way. I run down to the lower floor, checking the cells.
They were empty, and the perma was still open. This made me completely believe that the clown was executed, or about to be. I did not consider gulag at the time. Taryn Rahl had noticed me, and we get into a confrontation.
I manage to make some distance, stealing their baton to stun them, yet am arrested. This then leads into me getting beat and dragged around, mostly unconscious, and even placed in what I’m sure is the execution room, with the tiles that go off into liquid plasma.

Eventually, I am taken to the bottom-right corner of the hallway that goes ‘up’, left of the hallway that consists of bar, medical, kitchen, etc. The heads for that round were there, and the warden expresses clear desire to execute me.
They were also under the assumption we, me and the clown, were the ones who broke open perma. I am then taken to perma, still with broken windows in the transfer section, which leads me to believe that the clown was 100% executed, otherwise they would’ve just taken me to gulag.

They then either use a door remote, or get the AI to bolt me into a 2x2 room, the luxury perma cell. My comms were removed, so I had no way to call for help in case I was forgotten during evacuation.

I understand that this is standard procedure in case of traitor antags. What I don’t understand is that the warden forgot to take the cuffs off of me, which at that point, I was completely fed up. I assumed the clown was executed without trial, suspected the execution wasn’t given permission, and I was most likely going to be forgotten in a room without cameras. After some amount of time passes, the warden opens the door.

I will admit that yes, I had barely a reason to attack them, yet I did because I was honestly furious. I also thought they were going to execute me. They proceed to harmbaton me into crit, then toss me down into the plasma lake via courtroom. While dead, I learnt that the clown was never executed, yet they were sent to gulag with the shuttle doors walled off.
And additionally, the warden was never given permission to execute me, according to people in deadchat. I understand that I broke space law multiple times. I understand that the first few offenses were done with no good reason. However, I believe that the warden effectively round-removing me was too much.

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I’m the person being reported here.
I’ll only be commenting on my own actions, to explain them.

I was operating under the assumption that breaking and entering into a highly restricted area WAS a capital offense level crime. However, it is not. Probably where I got mixed up in the brain is that they are both perma-able offenses (B&E restricted and capital offenses in general). Given that I had been attacked multiple times from a person who had (I believed) commit an executable offense twice, I finally just dropped them into the lava lake, after they had started pepperspraying, shoving, and punching me, in what I can only assume is trying to kill me. (I am aware that punches do not deal a lot of damage, however shove stunning and punch damage damage is possible to make you unable to resist out of grabs, letting you be easily executed, as you are unable to defend yourself)

I do agree that I was wrong to do it, here after the fact, as the space law I was operating under, my memory’s version of it, was incorrect at the time.

I would like to add, regarding “My comms were removed, so I had no way to call for help in case I was forgotten during evacuation.” and “I was most likely going to be forgotten in a room without cameras” That I did not strip them of their jumpsuit, meaning they had (or should have turned them on of their own free will) tracking sensors on. Revealing their medical status, and their location. So if they were dead, in perma, it would tell medical. Additionally if any security did not know where he was, they could use a crew pinpointer, which lets you track anyone with suit sensors maxed.

Regarding dying, I drank a half bottle of absinthe and didn’t expect to just flat out die. Yeah get wasted, pass out most likely. But just straight up die? Jesus. I ended up not being revived, so I could perform no further actions at that point.


Escalation 2: If you act like an antagonist, expect to be treated like one and be held liable for your actions both IC and by admins.

What you did was greytiding, and you were held liable for it. If you are acting like an antag, you can expect to be treated as one. The warden’s actions are 100% valid, and you’ll be receiving a note for the obvious rule-breaking behavior you described here.