Warning Appeal Spacenerdenthusiast

Byond Account: spacenerdenthusiast
Character Name(s): Martin Thomlinson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): n/a
Round ID of Ban: 28228

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): round id 28228 as a bloodsucker, round removed bodies outside of their objectives, was argumentative in ahelps.
State your appeal:

So I feel this is an unfair assessment of my actions. I feel that my actions were justified given the circumstances around my situation.

So I am playing as bloodsucker and i create a base in the south west maints of pubby station. My base is a small 6 tile one with a false wall giving way to an airlock door. Throughout the shift i converted 5 or so individuals and made one, a station engineer, my favorite vassal. I also make the CMO my revenge vassal.

At approximately 1 hour into my shift I find that 2 security officers are in my maints looking for me. I therefore send my favorite vassal to watch maints. At the same time another one of my vassals bring me another engineer to convert so i do, telling them to help out with the situation between the sec offs. The sec officers and I have an energy gun fight in the abondoned bar where i found my vassal being batoned and dragged and I run back to base.

In the next minutes I find two groups lookings for me. First, an engineer and another, found my base and opened the wall to expose it to maints. I was inside therefore i lethaled them both (one of them armed with a radiation gun and shot me first). The other tried to flee but before they could escape i crit them and brought them to my lair. The second group i discovered fighting and almost killing my favorite vassal just north east of my lair a minute or two after the first group. One was armed with a chainsaw, and the other was the Chief Engineer, so i joined the fight and was able to energy gun down the chief engineer quickly. I brought down the other with the chainsaw with brawn while stealing the chainsaw. I brought them back to my lair to loot the CE (and to disguise as them) since the two secoffs were still looking for me at that time.

At no point did i round remove anyone through absolute means. The first group attacked my base personally, and the second group with the CE were not so far from my lair, as standing in maints in a death sentence if you know security officers are actively patrolling it. Had my base been discovered the bodies would still be there and were perfectly revivable, which by the way I didn’t even want to drag them away but I have to or else i’m going to be dead.

I also disagree that I was argumentative. Trying to explain the situation is not being “argumentative”, and I find it kinda sad that I can’t even ask which situation they’re talking about since they messaged me like 2 minutes before round end (not leaving me enough time to make a statement and then simply giving me a warning without it). I even agreed with them that fine, i can simply leave bodies where they lay next time, but even that is not good enough. How am I supposed to know what is expected of me to say beyond agreeing and explaining, it was not my intention to be “argumentative”.

Cheers, this was a pleasure

Note appeals are reviewed through staff reports, not ban appeals, and they are only removed or edited if they are factually incorrect. Stripping a player and leaving them in deep maints is considered round removal per our rules. This could have been corrected by simply leaving the corpse near a maint door. The note was placed correctly and will not be amended. Please do not use the forums for note complaints in the future.