Was killed in cargo maints and didnt see attackers name on antag list

Byond Account: boboli509
Character Name(s): Roger Knapp
Discord Name: boboli509
Round ID: 14747
Griefer Byond account: n/a
Griefer Byond name: n/a
What happened: Was running through Cargo Maints when I was attacked and murdered by a Holden Desbil; a scientist. After he did that, I expected an entertaining rest of the shift. However he just SSD’d almost immediately afterwards. So I figured whatever they probably have stuff going on, I feel that. But I didn’t see their name on the end round stats list of antags. So I was just curious if it was a “legal” killing or not. I don’t really care about ‘pressing charges’ or anything. Moreso for my own curiosity. Plus I enjoy the fact that you never know how you’ll die in SS13 so the roguelike aspect of each shift is a real hoot to me. Hope I provided enough info for you guys.

Checked the logs, and you were killed by someone wearing his ID, but not actually Holden. The person who actually killed you was an antag. Thanks for checking in with us though!