Water + potassium = profit?

Byond account: ShadowAKT
Character name: J.K. Jenkins
Discord name: ShadowAKT
Round ID: 12268
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Mr Dose

What happened:

Playing cargo tech. Mr Dose enters cargo well after the nuke ops threat has been established. They shoot me with 2 syringes, one with potassium and one with water. They proceed to stab me in the eyes making me nearsighted. Then I think they were warded off by others in cargo.
Mr Dose 2 Mr Dose 3 Mr Dose 4

Later in the shift, I’m in medical getting glasses(for the nearsightedness) and Mr Dose come rolling up with their potassium water syringes again. They shoot at me, and one of their syringes miss, hitting a doctor.Mr Dose 5 Mr Dose 6

After 2 attempts to kill me, I put them down(pretty sure I followed rules of escalation, but tell me if I didn’t). I thought it was pretty odd that the specifically hunted me down on a nuke ops round and they didn’t even have any affiliation with the nukies.
Mr Dose 7


dealt with, thank you for the report.