Weird HOP metacrush thing?

Byond Account: Googa_simulator
Character Name(s): Vivian Starr
Discord Name: Googa_Simulator
Round ID: 22316
Date: 23 September 2022
Griefer IC name: Nancy Fooey
Griefer Byond account: FooeyTheTurtle

What happened: I’m not sure which round this started, but this is the second time it’s happened.
this round Nancy as hop called me to her office to fill out “paperwork”, the captain passed by me and told me to go but I made a joke out of it saying “I will if you can catch me” but he used his telebaton on me and dragged me to nancy’s office, when I arrived she gave me a valentine that said something to do with cuddling or something which made it awkward, I tried to make a joke out of it then she started sending these announcements publicly:
I made the mistake of not ahelping during the round and instead waiting until after to confront them in OOC and they said this which made me regret not doing so

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Dealing with this. Thanks!