What are your favourite (denied) ban appeals

fuel my rampant addiction to ban appeals. post links to funny or poorly written ban appeals.
tha nk you <3

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The ones that involve joyce. I love them because she takes no shit and it really pisses shitters off lol


I have a favorite but I’m not going to post it here out of respect for the people involved lol

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“Ban Appeal Maymay Toya”

the “this is a typical admin lie” one

The ones where people blatantly lie in the ban appeal and then I get to perma ban them

The recent one that talked about me spilling choccy milk on my fat folds was pretty funny too



she’s french cant help it…

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Joyce is french?

People are so hostile in ban appeals that its fun to see the admin banhammer of justice smite them

The ones that start polite and plausible and then go crazy when getting denied.