What is the best captain you seen?

What was the best captain you ever seen in round? I wanna say that this thread probably will be very suggestive, because for one the best captain is that one who alone destroyed entire alien nest after entire station died, but for other the best captain is that one who brilliantly solved crisis of aliens, organized security, turned on red code and was informing heads of situations which is going on. But what was the best captain you ever seen in game?

Jed Joshek

What he did?

Never seen a good captain.

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They don’t exist

Clown captains are always good

Peter J. Peter

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Billy D. Willard. I remember it was my first time as AI and he was very nice to me and asked for my help on a lot of issues thus helping me to learn even faster. I remember he was cap quite often when I was learning and it was always a good time. He was a very active cap.

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koloth osek


I agree, Koloth Osek. No one else would spend 40 minutes of a rev round as Security is constantly calling for them, to card an AI who doesnt agree with them about how Asimov works. Truly the greatest of the greats.


Koloth Osek