What is your favorite interaction with an intern

We all have been interns, and there were some spessman that helped us get our spess legs.

Now that we are those spessman (and spesspersons) what are your memorable interactions with interns?

I find that “true” interns are very fun to interact with as they have no idea what to expect, and are amazed by rather simple shit for a regular player. And some come to fulp with an excitement they can hardly contain (i assume this whenever i see an intern RPing and seemingly having fun, although this might be mostly in my head)

any stories y’all wanna share?

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Selene station, was walking past public garden and i see an intern botanist there doing plant stuff. I tell them this is the public garden and botany is more to the right. Lead em there, they said thanks starts working in there. One of my favorites cause it reminds me when I too was an intern botanist, I did the exact same thing, only difference was that a clown helped me


Had a couple intern assistants come into medbay and taught them MD. Anytime I see a new player in medbay I teach them I love intern medics :slight_smile:

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