What is your favourite simplemob?

ya what is ur favourite simplemob.

I like morph it is funny and I like becoming the SM and venting on people.

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Void puppy or Evil Crab, the space rescue dog and the insult comic

Mi-go, especially when beeeg. I mainly like em because of the funny sounds it can make.

snakes and crabs

For sentience, I’d say any head pet or a cak. Morph and carps would also be fun but I haven’t gotten a chance to be them yet.
Colossus is the coolest looking one
Most useful ones are lightgeists

new assistant players



mason’s mom



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The absolutely lethal ice spiders on that one gateway that inject you with like 999u of super deadly cold poison in a single bite that cost me at a minimum like 30 hours of my life

Also those funky little stickmen in space

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Space cat, cake cat, breadcat

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ryder perkins the legend




Glockroach takes the cake, but creature and chaos magikarp are stronk seconds.

Gondola :star_struck: :slight_smile: :hugs:

Pun pun because he will absolutely beat the shit out of you (and use guns) if you punch or hug him

Pun pun isnt a simplemob tho :nerd_face:

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Dude, best simplemob gotta be Ian, don’t matter hes bearly able to do anything, dont matter that hes not a borzoi, hes best dog, best mob, and best creatura on station