What jobs can get which antags?

There seems to be differences with regular TG in this regard, as for all my playthroughs as RD i did not get an antag, and after a while i realized this is maybe intentional. Hence, i decided it is best to ask.

Is there a list for which job gets which antag?

heads can only get cultist and possibly bloodsucker roundstart. Im not entirely sure on the second one though

sec and cap can’t get any roundstart except stuff like obsessed lateround.

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I understand that the Captain, Heads of Staff and Security staff can’t be any antagonist roundstart here. Although I might be wrong since I don’t play any antagonist roles.

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I haven’t seen a head of staff or sec get anything roundstart, but maybe it’s possible per Mandsen. The only thing I’ve seen are midround obsessed.

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i know roundstart culstist CE and RD are possible or atleast was, i’ve been it multiple times

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Heads can only be cultist, heads and security can roll obsessed.