What questions regarding medical department did you have/currently have?

basically what it says in the title . For no definitive reason (I don’t want to promise anything) I want to know questions, problems and misconceptions people had (or still have) about how medical works? asking for a friend

also I might as well answer some here cause fuck it

where is cloning

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get human pods from botany hope this helps !

How does the automated chemistry plumbing work?
Additionally where can you get prescription glasses if you have lost or broken a pair?

Extra glasses are in med storage, a box spawns there full of them roundstart.

Plumbing is complicated, but not that complicated. If you can work the regular chemistry machines in the pharmacy then you already know most of it.

Synthesizers will pump one single ingredient into a pipenet, so to make oil you would need 3 synthesizers, one for each welding fuel carbon and hydrogen.

Then you add reaction chambers and set it to intake the chems (for example carbon welding fuel and hydrogen) and it outputs into the pipenet.

Then you have chemical presses, which will output whatever is in the pipenet into patches pills or bottles etc.

Chems will not react in pipes, rather they “teleport” to machines that are “calling” for them. This is why you’ll see a lot of chemists pipe things on one singular net.

The gist is just automating things. Each machine can do one singular step automatically.

Screw made an excellent guide where he goes into detail here:

When I was new, it was “How do you deal with non-humans” Racial traits were super hard to learn. Took me like 10 shifts before I figured out how plasmamen work and how to heal them without husking them.

Organs were also hard for me since every race has unique names for them. I still don’t know what most of them are, I can just guess.

Learning how to deal with toxins (such as like, figuring out why they have them in the first place) was hard at first since you have to know to check for several different things. Allergies, blood content, overdosing, drunk, radiation etc. It’s a lot to get used to when you’re new.

How to deal with mutations, thats a good one when you don’t know what they are or what mutadone is.

How to unhusk a husk is another question I think all of us have when we’re new lol

Current questions uh… I always wanted to learn about experimental surgeries. I never do them and don’t really understand the benefits. I get the gist of some of them, but others I just either forgot or don’t know what they do exactly.

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