What's a relatively unknown or underused feature that you like to use?

What feature, hidden in the deepest, darkest depths of the code canyon, do you enjoy using?

I like to use the newscaster module as a PAI for instant, cool news.

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The Crafting table.
The letter T next to your limbs and what not you know FOR a very important part of the game it sure has one hell of a button and almost no one uses them.BUT i do like mE MAKING ieds and MAKING IED spears and BUMrushing security

The chem fridge

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Using a stunprod to revive people as a monkey doctor. Also, you can fit all the tools in a toolbox in the box you get roundstart.

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Ghetto surgery is OP, you can revive/heal someone with nothing but a table, a bedsheet, tools from blue toolbox and a stunprod

Probably can tell a few

  • Tableslam on a operating table doesn’t deal any damage. It’s way faster than putting a person on a table with passive grab + click.
  • You can make rags with one cloth to easily clean, even though slowly.
  • Cryo can cool down corpses that are too hot.
  • Cryoxadone + Hercuri heal 3rd degree burns and compounds
  • You can do several surgeries on a body at once, as long as each one is on a different bodypart

The tableslam was a game changer when you showed me that. Like breathing for the first time.

The rag one is good to know, I’ll start using it on MD rounds when the cleaner gets stolen

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Oh when did I show you that
Just don’t forget to switch off combat mode after that

when I asked in the metagang groupchat for advanced medical tips, and yeah I do but sometimes I forget. Oh well. Oops

throat slitting :slight_smile:

roundstart smoke grenades damaging blob tiles

Showers can be wrenched to create very cold or very hot water, works to cool or heat bodies, and also works as a ghetto cryo tube if you feed the person cryoxadone.

You can chug cryoxadone and temporarily space yourself to fix wounds and burns

you can ruin Helian’s buses by telling everyone to exercise roundstart


Flashbangs work too iirc


Screwdriving fake walls to turn them back to normal.

Welding rods to turn them back into metal.

Add rods to glass to make reinforced metal.

Bolas can easily win you combat, speed is everything and they can be easily crafted.

Crafting a chainsaw and putting it on someone’s arm :slightly_smiling_face:

Unscrewing grilles.

Resist if you’re agrograbbed, im pretty sure it works while stunned too.

Bodythrow :rofl:

Right click with a gun to hold them at gunpoint (its funny).

If you’re faking death properaly, fake crit first by assigning a key to the gasp emote.

Make a new area with the button, you don’t need station blueprints.
SS13 Claim
You can use this to make shelter on lavaland with just 4 pieces of metal if you find an indent in a rock and you make it airtight with a wall. Good for ashwalkers too.

Use quick equip thingie, you know, shift + [whatever key] to pull out batons and weapons from your belt, suit storage or backpack. You can also use it to add stuff to your storage fast.


Use firelock to fix Joint Dislocation.
I do this if I am too lazy to go to med or find another player to bend it.

Clicking a tile with a floor tile while holding a crowbar in your offhand will replace the floor tile with the one you have in your hand, makes changing entire room floors really fast, also I just learned that using the *gasp emote while dying of o2 in crit will let you live longer