Which is the most POWERFUL roundstart antagonist

  • Traitor
  • Contractor
  • Changeling
  • Revs
  • Nuke ops
  • blood brother
  • blood cult
  • Self antagger
  • Heretic (Before ascension)
  • Heretic (After ascension)

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heretic after ascension isn’t round start.


Murderbone everybody and hope you get your living heart target,

Still isn’t roundstart

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Most antags have a snowball effect where the more you play throughout the round the more powerful you get

Except Nukies because declaring war 1 minute into the shift and then spending all your tc on clown costumes is the biggest powerplay you can do

self antagger is always the most overpowered antagonist

ooof roundstart

Nuke Ops depends on the approach
War Ops can backfire hard if science can rush out weapons tech and get mechs to combat them, as well as other antagonists may not appreciate them.
Stealth Ops definitely is strong doe, since unless you fuck it up in some random way, it’s basically a win for Nukies.

Blood Cult however I would say starts off strong and only gets stronger the longer you leave them be.
Bullshit stun is nothing to joke as well as the possibility to rush out constructs and cult gear out real fast can make for a terrible time for the crew.

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So since we’re only talking roundstart, here’s my list from worst to best:

Contractor, Heretic (after ascension), Gun cargo are all not roundstart.

Self antagger - Has nothing, some random crewmate loser who can’t even kill sec

Heretic - Roundstart only has mansus that does no damage and only deals some stamina and knockdown.

Bloodsucker (not on the list lol) - Can instantly put to sleep with feed if they get you in an aggro grab, possible from a shovestun, so this is already an improvement over Heretic. They also spawn with an unspent level to get a Power off the bat.

Bloodbrother - Has an ally to help greytide efficiently and evade arrest, way more useful than 40 stamina instant-sellout.

Headrev - Has a flash that can stun in any direction, useful to quickly convert and do everything you gotta do, especially since you can also convert antags.

Traitor - Instantly has access to powerful weapons like deswords and implants

Nukie - War ops requires waiting to 20 minutes so that isnt roundstart. Basically Traitor but with 5 more TC, stronger uplink tools and 2-3 teammates.

Changeling - Basically Traitor but better. Can buy powerful tools off the bat like esword, x-ray, speed ability, ect. They can even reverse and buy new things at a later date if needed

Blood Cult - Roundstart cultists spawn with an esword and 10 cult metal to instantly get desword/elite hardsuit/night vision/ect, plus they’re on a team with others that have the same thing. Also roundstart has access to powers like the stun hand, teleporting and EMP all for free and replenishable compared to Traitors/Nukies that have to spend precious TC for it.

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Monkey leader

come on are we seriously leaving out wizards?

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Oh yeah right, Wizards

The One Man Army

The most powerful of trolls

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