Which is the weakest antagonist?

  • Traitor
  • changeling
  • nuke ops
  • Self antagger
  • blood brother
  • bloodsucker
  • revs
  • cultists
  • Malf AI

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I’ve played every antagonist atleast once and i feel like they are all pretty good. That being said some are a lot better then others. I’ve rolled Blood Brothers about 3 times, of those 3 times i never actually cooperated with my blood brothers because no matter how hard i tried i could never reach them. 1 time i actually got bwoinked by an admin because all the blood brothers had went ssd so they asked me if i’d rather just be a traitor.

There isn’t really a “weakest” antagonist it really depends on the player on how much experience and creativity they have an experienced player playing a revolutionary is just as dangerous as a traitor or a cultist so how about we just rephrase your question and let’s say…What’s the hardest antagonist to get a greentext with?
Then that would be blood brother since most of the time you’re just paired with someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing or to an SSD player in which case will make your objectives harder or easier depending on what you get.

Blood brother because they dont get acess to gamer gear lol

weakest power wise is blood brother obviously, but round start heretic is also kind of at a disadvantage.

For some reason self antagger actually seem stronger than the rest



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Malf AI A Bitch N They Ugly As Fuck