Which of these is powergaming?

Picking up an armor vest you found on the ground

Being robust

Having hands

Picking up a gun you found on the ground

Privately buying weaponry

Playing human because every other race is weaker than humans, therefore only powergamers play it

Being a walking armory of guns.

Making a spear/Stunprod

pre-emptive hacking the cargo console

Pre emptively hacking all vending machines

Security stocking up the armory with mosins and autorifles, and improvised shotty shells

That’s all power gaming. You’re expected to remove your hands via arrival shuttle when you join the server.


joining the server is powergaming

If you dont remove your hands in 0.04 seconds once there you will be gibbed and get a note

It’s not powergaming if you ahelp first

I am powergaming


9/10 sheets will just powergame with his 2 hands, SMH just cut them off noobie