Why detective revolver start with deadly ammo?

Have you ever though that it’s kinda strange a detective starts round with only lethal ranged weapon? It’s a detective colt revolver loaded with .38 special LETHAL bullets. Why lethal? I know it’s for self-defense only but it’s still SUS. There is a rubber bullets in code, they cause less brute and more stamina damage. Why not replace standard lethal bullets to rubber one’s?

Because a revolver isnt a shotgun.

Ooh, this still makes no sense

Asking a TG question on the Fulp forums.

Well, i made it wrong. I meant to say that it would be need to replace lethal rounds in detective revolver with rubber one’s

I think it should stay the same how am i supposed to gun down assistants hacking through the brig?
I can’t just magically kill them with rubber ones!

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It’s a test to see if you should be banned or not.

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