Why You Should Play Hardcore Random

Only 11 people on the ENTIRE server has gotten 100+ points and only me and John (RIP Zed) are competing for the top. Here are the current standings:

If you don’t know what hardcore random is. When you activate it, it will make you spawn in with a completely random name, race and random bad traits. If you escape alive you gain points depending on how bad your random traits were. If you do this as antag and greentext you gain DOUBLE points for that round.
You can enable it here in the character menu:

Why though?
By having a random amount of bad traits you learn to become robust in a much bigger amount of scenarios than normal gameplay. You learn how to manipulate people to give you what you need (funny). And become more robust in general since you actually have a reason to live and will CERTAINLY try to live. Keep in mind dying will give you GREAT pain especially towards the end and if you do it in a stupid way.

Its fun, and brings challenge to the game if you find it lacking that. You will experience lots of new situations with so much variation in character, and be rewarded with points at the same time to have your name on the leaderboard like a champ. No, i don’t expect you to go to the top like an insane torture enjoyer like me, John and Zed (would be cool though).

So, go play hardcore random and have some fun/pain. (ESPECIALLY YOU RAYS).

Edit (this is funny):


I have been inspired to maxcap any new person I see


Good ass forum post.

Gonna do hardcore random from now on until I beat Hugo. (I’m not going to bother with you John or zed, holy shit that’s a lot of points)

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i would but i dont like playing random chars and brain tumor can suck eggs

no i dont think i will

how about no.

no u

instructions unclear, sent improvised explosive devise to John Willard

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shut the fuck up I wanna keep the 4th place


I’m coming for you

hugo gonna lose #4 place :rofl:

im 7th place :slight_smile:

This thread is a plot to make you play random hardcore so ebb can roll you as his bloodbrother target and deep fry your brain.


time to try it until I hate it

slips do be rising

hes actully insane, like 100 points a day average, probably gonna slow down, but they are making it competive.

competetive is how we like it

Wait points stack up?

thats like… the main thing about it?