Wings and chasms

Could we change it to where enabled flight prevents lavaland* chasm insta-death?

they do im fairly certain however pointing this out change jetpacks to let you fly up z-levels for more fuel so nukies dont get messed up on icebox

Never on flupstation. I’ve died that way in lavaland many times. Perhaps I should have specified what chasms .

I like that Z change idea.

Wings do prevent you from falling down chasms.

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Lavaland chasms? It never works for me. I’ve explicitly tested it! Does it have to by in fly mode, or off fly mode?

you gotta activate it to fly, else you’re not flying, and well, chasm moment

make sure its actively on like stretched out wings it should let you fly over lava and chasms so yea already a feature

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No, the issue is not wings activated. It is the “takeoff delay” that occurs after you activate wings. Activate wings, then stand still until you bob up and down “floating.” Until you have that bobble of floating, you are vulnerable to chasms and lava. Please remember, after activating wings, there is always a delay before you are safe.

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