Xavier Morph & Todd Howard | Kill baiting

Byond Account: johnwillard
Character Name(s): John Willard
Discord Name: John Willard#6211
Round ID: 13868
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Xavier Morph & Todd Howard
What happened:

Todd Howard created simplemobs and golems to “give the ghosts some roles” (this part was dealt with in-round by staff), and even after I as the Deputy warned them about not doing it, and the Captain even declaring them all valid (which I told Todd about), Todd continued to make said golems/simplemobs. I eventually arrest them for it after it was long-overdue, as the simplemobs had by then destroyed a TON of property, I PDA the Captain on what to do, and was told to either perma or execute if perma is not possible. His simplemobs broke him out of Brig and started guarding him, so I found him in the halls and tried to execute on the spot, since perma was unachievable when he was surrounded by golems defending him at all times. The golems, with the help of Xavier, took my baton, then murdered me in the halls. I got revived and went to shuttle, to try to get Todd there, and thats when Xavier noticed me and attacked me with my stunbaton a second time, and we fought to the death on the shuttle.

Xavier is well-known for always powergaming reactive armor, and he always tries to purposely get himself into conflicts for a reason to use them, this time it was to murder a Deputy twice for trying to serve the Captain’s execution order.


The reason i killed you is because i was hanging around the golems and mobs a lot i saw you explain to Todd that cap ordered perma what i didnt hear was the execution order. And when i found you in the hallway you where harm batoning him to what appeared to be death. As for the shuttle you also began hitting Todd first with the tool box before i attacked you. As for the armour, ill admit i have a problem and i’ll stop makin it so much.

Why involve yourself with Security matter anyways? If security shouldnt be killing someone, then Admins will deal with it, why should you, a Roboticist, be the person dealing with it?


Resolved this. Thanks for letting us know!