Xcerzeus Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Xcerzeus
Character Name(s): Don't remember, played one shift, came back to play and got banned..
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): My account got terminated, I use revolt.chat
Round ID of Ban: This ban (BanID #31991)

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Ban evading.
State your appeal: I’m not liking how I was treated on this server, I played a round and it was all fine but now I come back after playing rust on Murphy’s law 1000x from icefuse.org and I got teleported into a prison and banned with little to no communication.

I’m just new, no previous accounts.

Have you used any other Byond account in the past?

No. I watched many melworth and that russian guy because I am from lithuania and I am currently living here now, very interesting so I decided to watch Space Station 13 2022 Basics Tutorial, TG and Fulpstation Codebase.

and then I made an account and joined using same email and username as here.

He said ‘sup bro’ and then I froze, relaunched and saw a ban message.

This should be fixed, let me or another admin know if you are unable to log in.

Ok, thanks.