Xenobiologist turns self antagger

Beyond Account: DonMan12
Character Name: Dwight Walker
Discord Name: Donk #4450
Griefer Byond Account: N/A
Griefer Byond Name: Osborne Rathens
Round ID: 12340
What Happened: This guy started using telekenisis to fuck with me and moving my shit and wouldn’t stop so i gave him a bunch of welder hits trying to crit his ass as punishment for fucking around.

I stop attacking him starting to walk back to robotics when this guy pops a foam grenade, at first i thought nothing of it but then… I was transformed into a slime. This guy didn’t even attempt to fix it so I just ghosted.

I then saw him on the escape shuttle use it again Turning many people in the cockpit into slimes including captain and other heads.

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taken care of, thank you for the report