Xenomorph Arrivals Autonomous Zone

The following is an excerpt from Holologs of Ripley Dustings, former ARC operative of the Syndicate. This information is considered Confident, and may only be reviewed by the crew members of the Fulp Research Sector of the Nanotransen Corportation. This individual is considered a traitor to the Syndicate, and perceived as a neutral party. Though armed with Syndicate weaponry and in the company of highly dangerous carbon based lifeforms, reports indicate they are a passive, nomadic sect of the Animal Rights Consortium. It is recommended that you refrain from any hostile actions towards this group and their people. We advise that you study their behavior and attempt to extract any intel regarding the Syndicate and their operations from this fringe group of space nomads. There is reason to believe they are in possession of Secret Syndicate documents, and are willing to trade this information for asylum. Any attempts to apprehend or provoke this group may pose a threat to your station, so proceed with caution when dealing with this faction. - This file seems to have been stamped by one of the NT executives.

Throughout the cosmos, science and nature have come together through man’s shear desire to make life even more terrifying than already is, and why do you ask they make such affronts to god? We asked a local Capitalism Golem, and he had this to say, “Hello, I like money!”. To tell you the truth, we’re pretty sure he’s a moron, but what he says is true, the business of making money is big out here in space, and certain companies have dedicated themselves to exploring the endless expanse in an effort to find the next big thing to kill that asshole next door. You know the one. He’s always blasting the same rap album around 1 AM, you’re pretty sure he’s doing Space Drugs or meth, but you can never push yourself to call the Space Police cause you figure if he’s ballsy enough to gain the ire of all his neighbors with shitty 20th century Rap while stuffing his nose with 20k credit’s worth of blow, he has to be some rich folk’s spoiled fuckwad of a son, or some asshole with connections. I mean, you see dudes go in and come out of the place, hookers stopping by every few days. They come in tweaking out, then come out fucking high as balls. You often fantasize about the ways you would kill him, and it’s people like you these companies are looking to sell to, and they’ll go to great lengths to sell you something so deadly and exotic, the cops don’t even know what they’re looking at when they come by the check out the crime scene. They’ll be there, moving over the knotted mess sinew, bone, and stretched skin tied neatly into a fleshy ball; the agonizing expression of the victim pressed against the side as if they were contorted from the inside by some strange, extra dimensional force… But enough about the Wizard Federation and their Vault of Eldritch Horrors! The people I have in mind are a friendly bunch of Frankenstein’s we like to call… Nanotransen. Oh, you thought I was going to say the Syndicate? Fuck you too! I hope you don’t order a pizza any time soon, cause saying we’re bad ass those immoral lunatics is almost as bad as pissing on our mom’s graves. No, this company is a peace of work, and the way they treat animals is far, far worse than anything the Syndicate could cook up. I mean, they eat their own dead crew mates on some of their stations. That’s pretty fucked up, isn’t it?

Anyways, I am recording this log to say our most recent raid was a success, but not in the way I had expected. The ARC had handed down the orders to shut down a lab in the Yeno Sector not too far from the Hades System. Seems the Cybersun guys sent out some scouts, possibly MI13, to check out an old observation bunker just outside the Moon Outpost [Redacted]. They had lost contact with this bunker several years ago, but due to some squabble between Donk and Waffle, a proper investigation was never launched, and the site was abandoned. After a few days on the service, the scout team returned to their mothership due to a medical emergency. It seemed that one of the brainlets had a run in with some bugs, and got themselves a face full of alien junk. They tossed them in cryostasis to preserve them long enough to extract the chest burster, but you know how resilient those little guys are. Fifteen minutes into the operation, the Xeno burst from his stomach, bite into the doctor’s hand as they attempted to restrain it, then escaped into the duct work. Luckily, after the incident with those freaky doppleganger fucks, the lab had installed some purging systems to knock any unwanted organisms from their atmospheric systems. With a flick of the a switch, the piping locked down, shifted their paths, and directed the morph to a containment chamber. After that incident, the site was placed under Gorlax control as they attempt to contain the infestation and recover whatever equipment they can from the two sites. As for the lab, well, it’s been on lockdown ever since Cybersun, MI13, and the Gorlax start a think tank, probably to find ways to weaponize their latest treasure. Fast forward a few years, and word spread through the Syndicate Network that the lab had a breakthrough in their “key research”. We don’t know who leaked the audio logs of the Xeno Queen speaking Galactic Common (my guess is a Space Wizard looking to cause some havoc throughout the Syndicate), but from the logs, it sounded like the specimens were distressed in great pain. We’ve known Xenomorphs were a highly intelligent, if not adaptive species that were capable of learning the functionality of simple machines and even advanced puzzles (some even believe them to be pyshic, possessing the ability to communicate with surrounding life forms, at least planting subliminal messages into their minds to lure prey to their hives), but the level of cognition these xenomorphs expressed were of that of other sentient species such as those scaly weirdos or the humans. Of course, when the ARC gets word of mistreatment of organics, we spring into action. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. In fact, it seemed the ARC was helping the Syndicate cover up their little operation. Days turned into weeks, and no one heard from the lab, and for most, it was just a prank, but it wasn’t until some of us ARC members start getting proof of the telepathy rumor as the screams of inhuman creatures rang out in our minds. It was almost too much to bare for some us, and many were driven insane. Those of us afflicted by these messages, yet sane enough to act decided to do what we signed up to do, and help out these tortured souls.

Don’t get me wrong, storming into a Syndicate black site is suicidal, but lets be real, most of our operations are suicidal, so to us, it’s just part of the job. Those of us who would become the members of the XAAZ waited for our next mission from ARC command, and with the uplinks and transport they had provided us, we “convinced” out navigator to the perceived location of the black site. Now, all we had to go by were glimpses from the Xenomorph’s many failed escape attempts, and what he had gathered was they weren’t too far off from the moon they recovered the specimens from, [Redacted]. It took some crafty alignment of stars and star systems, not to mention some risky dealings with the Black Market. Heck, I had to sell some of my favorite Syndicate lamps to get some of this intel, and some of my own moth dust… Apparently some people snort it. Don’t ask my what for, but there are some freaky xenotypes out there that get high off of just about anything. Anyways, we knew if we pulled off this raid, we would brand ourselves enemy of the Syndicate, but what’s the point of liberating xeno species if our own consortium turns a blind eye to the sordid dealings of their own allies? We lost many men during that raid. I don’t want to go into too much detail; I mean, information is almost as good as credits out here.

What I will say is, though these Xenomorphs are killing machines, whatever the Syndicate did to them really mellowed them out. We even managed to snag ourselves a few artificial organs to protect us from those freaky eggs they lay. They seem to be quite partial to narcotics and grilled meats, which might explain why they are more docile compared to wild Xenomorphs. We also snagged some extra supplies and whatever documents we could get our hands on. Some added insurance just in case some hit squad is after us, one huge leak and they’ll have a PR nightmare on their hands. We did happen upon a wrecked Nanotransen salvage ship on our way out of the system. We decided to scrap whatever we could from our escape vessel, and commandeered this vessel. We’re hoping we can use their navigation systems to find a place to dock, and maybe hide under the Syndicate’s radar by occupying the docking bays. Of course, we have much to trade if they aren’t too welcoming. With this document, I declare myself and my crew, Xenos included, free agents. Where ever we land, we will establish a zone of autonomy, in exchange for docking privileges and supplies, we can offer them technology or possibly intel. We don’t seek to join their corporation nor their facilities, but we are no longer members of the ARC. We are… Fuck what’s a catchy name… Xenos and Friends? The Beno Buddies… No, we need something that sounds official… Xenomorph… Arrivals… Autonomous Zone… Fuck it, this ship is part of the zone, it is the zone! So that will do til I get someone whose good at marketing on the team. That being said, I need to tend to my crops, I don’t want to know what happens if these guys don’t get their Rainbow Weed. This has been Ripley Dustings, Spokesperson of the XAAZ… XAAZ, now that’s snazzy. Oh, this has been Ripley, signing out.

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