XOXMAX ban appeals

Byond Account: XOXMAX
Character Name(s): Thomas
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): xMax#3772
Round ID of Ban: round iD 18216
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned by host you or another user of this computer or connection (XOXMAX) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: multikey with test1111bot this ban (ban id #) was applied by john willard on 2022-1-1 12:11:45 during round id 18216.this is a permanent ban.
State your appeal:
I spawn in the prison at the start of the game and i didn’t do anything so i was planning to escape but i was have only one hand so i call police to help me and no one answer me so i didn’t stop so there’s one coming to put me in the Cell i told him i need doc but he ignored me and he say “shut the fuck up” so I got angry and i Made new accounts and joined the server i was thinking to be police and help my self and then go back to my My origin account but when i joined the server i got message told me to get out or the admin will ban you so i get out of the server fast to not get ban, so i open the game in the second day and i found my self banned, so pls its my first 2 week in the game and this server is the best server i seen pls give me second chance i swear when i got the message i git out of the server to not git ban so pls just ban my second account and unban my My origin account i will never do it again because now I know, thanks for your support.:heart:

I’m reducing this to a 3 day ban starting the time of the ban, so it should be expired by now. Please read our server rules. No server allows you to log in with multiple accounts on the same round, especially to “help” one account. If this or something similar happens again, expect to be put back on perma. You should be able to log in to the server. If not, please let me or another admin know.

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THANK YOU :heart: i will never do that again, but what is perma? And pls tell me why i was prisoner Because I don’t want to choose this role again i want to know how to put that role off and thanks

hi i am a mentor on fulpstation. before a round starts you can go to character setup and there should be a section on job preference. you can choose which jobs you want to play and the priority for them. if you never did this then im pretty sure its just random. in the upper right hand corner of the occupations menu, there should be an option to say “if job is taken then send back to lobby” it will give you a random job if you dont change this and your preferred job is unavailable. i hope this helps you.


perma as in permanent ban, not perma prisioner.

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