Yu_Jin_X5 rolebanned by Horatio22 | Command staff | 3 day ban for roleplaying a free golem

Byond Account: Yu_Jin_X5
Character Name(s): Snow Gneiss 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Jin#5545
Round ID of Ban: 13488
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned from Roles: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Brig Physician, Brainwashed Victim, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn, Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Changeling, Cultist, Internal Affairs Agent, Malf AI, Monkey, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndicate Mutineer, Revolutionary, Revenant, Head Revolutionary, Syndicate, Traitor, Wizard, Hivemind Host, Heretic for 3 days - Core 2- self antag As a golem, freed xenomorphs which then got into the rest of the station because they couldn't get infected. Round 13488

State your appeal: 

Got a 3 day command staff role ban for trying to get a xenos pet as a golem. I contacted Horatio22 to try and ask a few questions to clarify my actions so I could be as accurate as possible but I couldn’t even get that. So this appeal is going to be completely from my point of view. I spawned as a Free Golem towards the end of the round. As per rule 4 of the Antag/Ghost/Lavaland policy “Ghost spawner roles must follow their flavor text upon taking said role. These roles are meant to allow players to return to the game, and their slots are usually limited. Intentionally wasting spawner slots (e.g. repeatedly suiciding as spawner roles during one round) may result in a ghost role ban.” The flavor text for free golems is that you worship the liberator who freed your clan “The Liberator says:
“Hey, happy birthday! Now just, eh… Yeah, go do whatever. I’m going for a walk.”” So as a golem with not much to do because mining and the building of our base was already taken care of I decided to go on a search for my Life’s quest of “Doing whatever” as the most holy liberator intended. A couple of other golem buddies said there was this station which I fully intended to check it out. following them we came across the station and xenobio and they had a face hugger currently hugging a monkey. Then realizing that golems are well golems, and we dont have a mask slot as another golem pointed out they would make a great golem friendly pet. The xenos appeared to be sentient so I decided my life’s goal as a humble golem with an icey cold heart(I was a snow golem) was to get my self an adorable murder puppy and take it back to the golem ship though persistence and generous use of the me gesture using makes heart with hands I even numerous times attempted to appeal the scientist to let me have an adorable xenos puppy but to no avail. So being a golem with a looser sense of morals compared to the humans aboard the station I decided to hatch a plan to “rescue” my adorable benos puppy. To do this all I had to do was remove a single wall tile, without harming or killing any crew, and then convince my puppy to follow me back home. I did this, causing zero accessory damage to the station. I rescued my xenos(sorta ended up getting buckled to a bed but was actively trying to convince it to follow me home) before the round promptly ended due to blob.

As a result of my actions 1) No crew were killed nor was I hostile to the crew 2)The station and crew’s goals were not impeded 3) I was willingly accepted into the base by the scientist in xenobio. These were legitimately my thought processes though-out my game play, and if that does not constitute “Lavaland spawners who enter the station must be peaceful and are held to stricter standards for escalation and roleplay than when on Lavaland.” then I am not sure what does. This is a medium roleplay server and at least to my understanding of the roles and the term medium roleplay and it’s affect on the rules, I was playing my role within the scope of the rules. I’d have been fine with a warning just telling me hey don’t do that, but to my understanding of the rules and my role I was fine. Now I have a 3day role ban and a massive red flag note on my admin note which I don’t think is deserved. This is my go to server for 2d spaceman, In my 189 hours on this server I’ve tried my absolute hardest to keep my slate clean and roleplay to the best of my ability. I don’t even really care if you keep the 3 day ban as a slap on the wrist, but I don’t want something this stupid and vague to be a permanent red flag on my record.


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Now, you still broke the rules by seeking out and entering the station in the first place, however this is your first offense so I will be reducing this ban to a note. The ban was placed near the end of the round, where typically bans are a bit rushed in order to get them in on time before the server restarts and information is lost. You should be able to access the banned roles now.