Yungxunt Ban appeal

Byond Account:Ducky_g
Character Name(s): Vandomir darkhole
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): yungxunt#9345
Round ID of Ban:21315

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I was playing geneticist with my friend in discord as security and we were playing around with mutations and i gave myself telepathy and such and to test it i wrote a funny message to him along the lines of “i will fuck your ass” not thinking much of it because it was in telepathy and i thought it was funny. I dont really understand this ban as it was in telepathy to my friend who was on call with me but i understand because of the comment i made and admins dont know that. regardless i dont understand the perm ban for this just because i named myself something sexual in the past and quickly changed it.(quin foreskineaous) aswell this is the first server ive learned ss13 on and i got lot more of my friends to play on this server so being perm banned on this server sucks since the people im friends with play here. n i learned every job and mechanic here.

Last thing i dont get “Made disgusting sexual comments to other players”, like i guess it was disgusting but obviously a joke? and it was to one player that being my friend via telepathy. just dont get the wording.

Cool, glad you understand your ban. This is denied.

Actually, I take that back. Who is your friend so I can get in contact with them and confirm that it was a joke?