Zanogear's Mentor App

Byond Account: zanogear
Character Name(s): Gasler, Moffet, Weltall Stark
Discord Name: zanogear
Age: 36
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: Either 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 - 22:30 GMT
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Well I’ve been a mod before back when New Eden Server (based on baystation) was around, but I’d be interested mostly on helping Players with the areas I have knowledge. Who knows maybe someday, but at the moment I’ll be happy with providing mentoring help

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I have about 800 Hours, almost 481 hours have been as ghost as I tend not to join rounds I can’t reliable play fully, being a ghost is spent mostly watching the round as it provides entertainment :smiley:, which sometimes will let me see people blatantly rule breaking (Which have been reported to the admins through tickets or discord if not on).

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I know how SM is set up, Mostly everything about engineering except the HFR, Been CMO as I’m knowledgeable in anything related to Medbay, except Chemistry plumbing. Also can provide general guidance on mining and space exploring.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
Well I have not had a throught experience on any other servers, as Fulp has been the first server I joined when jumped back on ss13 after a long time and frankly have enjoyed keeping it as the only ss13 server I play at, playerbase is great, got no issues with the moderation and mentors have been helpful, So I think I could help with that.

Shameful edit: It kinda skipped my mind that, you require people to be active on discord for a month, I don’t really interact outside of the games on forums or discord unless needed to, that’s why I’ve been part of the forum and discord for some time but not actively posted on it, so yeah I’d understand if this application does not meet your requirements, sorry about it.

i have no idea who you are and you dont seem to be active on the discord at all so im gonna have to say -1

Haven’t seen you in game, and it doesn’t look like you have a ton of living hours for experience. Going to be a -1 from me. Maybe if you are more active in the community/server in the future?

Yes, as I’ve stated on my edit, I don’t really partake on discord or the forums except from maybe one time to confirm a grief report someone else beat me to make, I do play on GMT hours, if you ever seen a Virologist make a Plasmex Virus or a piano playing moth on Medbay, that has been me. but then again I’m aware that being active on forums is a requirement and It skipped my mind when making this app, I just thought I could help with players queries, as I tend to ghost (observe) a lot.

What’s your ckey?

Wait I’m stupid; it’s in the title.

Personally, seeing that you have almost 400 hours and 1 note in the whole time you’ve been here makes me a lot less concerned about you not being active on Discord. +1

This is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!