Zhepyrlion Mentor application - before I'm thirt(y)teen

Byond Account: zhepyrlion
Character Name(s): Mysteeri Sanna, Mysterioso, Mysterious-Voice
Discord Name: zhepyrlion
Age: 29
Timezone: UTC +2
Active hours:
Weekdays usually in the evening 7-10-ish weekends depends on the mood might be whole day(s) or just during the day/evening
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: no preference

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I have played a bit when Devil was still in the antag pool. Joined and started playing actively last summer

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I usually play HoP, CE or cap as command.
I know the responsibilities of command and usually enjoy a the more “guide/mentor” type of command experience where I try to just keep the department rolling instead of doing the work myself. Specially as a HoP I enjoy checking in on the relevant jobs under my command to make sure they are ok and supplied, if the HoP line is not crowded at that moment. Also as the acting head I know to take the disk & headset and leave the rest of captains office in pristine condition.

I know the space law and usually try to keep it open as a reminder for myself when playing sec. As an officer I try to do the “talk then do” method on suspects unless the station is on red alert or they are committing an obvious crime/I have been commanded to apprehend them.
As a warden I know how to process prisoners and usually try to be the more “calming” voice in sitsuations instead of advocating for the harshest of punishments unless those are obviously needed. Also I always try to make sure that the perma prisoners are looked after and not just forgotten in their place and try to keep them comfortable if they behave well.
As a detective I know my place is not to chase after criminals, but to be the evidence person who points out potential bad people.
As the brig phys I try and take care of the force first and foremost after that come the perma prisoners and if the station is calm I usually ask permission to assist in possible sitsuations in medical. I know not to arm myself as a person of medicine and usually try and keep myself as far away as possible from any sec items.
As the debuty I know that my powers are limited inside the departments I am at and only play the debuty on engineering and medical, since I know what to look for on potential bad people inside those departments.

As the station engineer I know how to build/repair/start/destroy the SM, solars, broken equipment, broken station in general and the stations objectives. Also I enjoy doing doing custom build, but usually my brain lacks the sufficient imagination of doing those solo. ps. Build your own shuttle is the best specially when a meteor storm arrives to middle finger you.
I know how to fix atmos related troubles the station might encounter. I also know how to: mix gasses, the basics of HFR, how to use the incinerator.
I enjoy atmos propably the most since its a role that always seems to have something to do. I have thankfully learned to care more about the station and less about my gas mixes during shifts although some times this causes me sadness.

As a doctor I know how to heal brute, burn, toxic and oxygen related ailments. Quickly thinking the only ones I cannot heal are flypeople but those ones organs are always guess work.
As the paramedics I know to prioritise patient delivery and when to use supplies for a quick fix on the patients. I also try and keep an eye out on medical incase they are in need of extra pair of hands with the patients.
As the chemist I know how to mix most of the chems, sadly I have not yet mastered the art of doing plumbing.
As the virologist I know how to create a good virus without any undesired effects although it might take a while in my hands.

The general science role is my least played one. I have no experience with xenos or cytology, but I do know how to do toxins although that ends in flames abroad the station most of the time with my “do then think” patented ideology.
As a robo I know how to do mechs, cyborgs, bots and MODsuits. I also know how to augment humans and necessary repairs to all of these things.
As a geneticist I know how to scan people for mutations and how to use the DNA consoles to find good bad and the ugly mutations for the crew to use. I usually try and put only the adapts as “public” consoles and listen to the crews needs if they need anything more specialized behind my counters window.

As the QM I know to how to keep the money flowing and what to order to keep the station in order, but cargo still rich. I also know how to process orders and what cut to take for myself from bounties.
As a cargo tech I know how to hunt those precious crates and how to do most of the bounties.
As the miner I know what to mine and how to survive in the lavaland or the coldness of icebox. My knowledge of megafauna is limited, but I have taken a few of them down.

As a bartender i know how to mix drinks and mingle with customer I also know how to get rid of Pun Pun silently and swiftly.
I know how to do basic botany, but I havent done mutations since I only do botany if there are no present as the cook.
As the cook I know how to cook most of the foods and what food to give which customer.
As a curator I know how to explore the station or how to explore in space for ruins.
As the janitor I enjoy keeping the station clean and take the janitors work probably most serious of them all.
On the more RP rp sided service roles all I can say is Mime gang and and thank you to Aries_Mars for the excellent paperwork guide!

As silicon roles I know to obey my laws and usually try to be more strict than not with them. I enjoy playing the AI and the laws & rules that come with it probably second most out of all the roles. Sometimes you can only giggle at antags on a spree as robodoc and sometimes you can only wish that the nukies don’t arrive first at your doorstep.

I know all other antags than blob which I have never been quite well but I know the theory of blob also.I try and check the space law each time I get an antag roll to make sure what is ok to do and what is not as that role. I also have quite alot of anxiety whenever I roll an antag and it’s something I’m trying to get rid of.

I try my best to play the ghost roles to their flavor text and enjoy most of them.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
On fulp theres a good core of players who play it regularly, but you can clearly see the beginner friendlyness of the server. I usually lack in the RP department of imagination unless it’s started by someone else then I’m really easy to get roped into it, but fulp also is usually quite light on rp and it might take some shifts to find proper rp. Specially around antags theres usually the attidude of “catch the bad guy any way possible” and people forget the RP part specially “rule” 9 on the rp standards.
I probably seem quite the stickler for the rules since I try and ahelp/patrol all the situations that seem to be rule breaking to me since I enjoy the M in MRP alot
All and all I personally really enjoy fulpstation and specially the community around it.



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Active on discord and in game, very friendly and helpful in every interaction I’ve had with them. Knows more than 1 department. Easy +1

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More atmos mains is good. +1

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+1 knows atmos and I actually know who you are in-game (in a good way). Plus, it’s always nice to have more mentors who won’t call me the crypt keeper in staff bar

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I don’t know who you are but reading your ckey doesn’t make me angry.


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No idea who is he - 1 A atmosian main + 3

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remember that time we got away with murdering our target a clown in public because he was a heretic? +1

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knows atmos so i dont have to answer atmos questions +1 (also i thought they were a mentor already for some reason)


Accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!