Zombikilla1012 ban appeal

Byond Account:Zombikilla1012
Character Name(s):romayne costello, alex diaz
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): zombi #3445
Round ID of Ban:19594

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):https://imgur.com/a/ClS1hvl
State your appeal: I was a prisioner that was promoted to warden for some reason by the captain of this round. the captain then stated that he needed to log off and asked me if i had expirence as a captain i said ive never been captain but ive been hos before. then he gave me his card and told me to loot his stuff if i needed anything. as my technically first round as a captain i diddnt know what to do so i walked around made two announcements and then called the shuttle i did not promote anyone to HOP or subvert the AI i dont know where that came from at all as it had to be the captain before he promoted me. i wish to be unbanned as this is my favorite server to play on

I would also like to add as i just remembered that i never changed the ID from the captain before me as i diddnt know how so my character ( Romayne Costello) was walking around with his name tag. i don’t know how the admin stuff works on how you can identify who plays as who but i know i didn’t do the stuff that was in the ban report i wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize or ruin a match for another player unless i was an antagonist and it was apart of my objective

Yeah this round was a hot mess this looks like it was just a mix up i’ve unbanned you now sorry about that!