Zombikilla1012 role ban appeal

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Romayne Costello
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Zombi#3445
Round ID of Ban: Round 20070

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security for 1 week - Command 1.1 - command must be competent As captain, made an announcement encouraging crew to valid hunt potential cultists before halos. Please get more familiar with server rules before playing command. Round 20070
State your appeal: I was captain and made an announcement that cultists were confirmed and to defend the station. as ive seen this done before several times i thought “hey no big deal defend the station and glory to nanotrasen” Under no circumstances did i mean for validhunting or killing the crew My goal for the announcement was to alert the non cultist crew and make sure they defended the station. while i think the ban is justified in a way i think it is way to harsh and as i have had a previous encounter with the banning admin (horatio22) I feel that in a way this is more of a Different issue alltogether. The admin was very passive agressive with their messages as this is the last message that they posted ( ok this is far, far from the first time this has been an issue with you so I’m putting in a temp command ban again. Please actually read our server rules or just get permabanned next time, idc
Click on the administrator’s name to reply). Again if i am in the wrong i understand and will take the L as they say But id like another admin to take a look and see if this is justified or not especially with the past history i have with horatio

It was a little more direct than “defend the station”, to be clear.

ah there we go it was wasnt it. then its justified. I know your not supposed to kill cultists or anything but rather deconvert them ( i had a round where a captain opted to kill them first before and ahelped about it). But a week ban seems like much for an announcement.

i would also like to add i diddnt know if the halos were on yet i went off of an assumption because they were saying cult confirmed that the halos were up.

This is clearly encouraging validhunting and even you agree here. Also, this is a temporary ban and you couldn’t even put the effort to provide your byond key, so this is denied.