7 Tips for writing a good ban appeal

While none of this will guarantee your appeal will be accepted (see 2), these tips might help you write one that isn’t embarrassingly bad and make our jobs a lot easier.

  1. Follow the template and put some effort into writing your appeal. This means including the entire ban message (including your and the mod’s ckey) and round ID as well as maybe a paragraph about what happened and why your ban should be appealed. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) write a novella. This should be written relatively casually; writing it like you’re presenting a legal case won’t impress the admins or improve your chance of getting your ban appealed.

  2. Temporary bans are only appealed if they were incorrectly applied. This is not the place to argue what should/ shouldn’t be against the rules. Arguing that you broke the rules but other people have gotten away with worse will almost always guarantee your appeal is denied. If you see other people breaking the rules, ahelp it or file a grief patrol.

  3. Ban duration is based off of note history and frequency of rule violations. If you repeatedly break the same minor rule, you are liable to be banned for it. Ban duration starts at 3 days and increases based on several factors such as ban history, if you lied or were hostile in the ticket, how significant an impact it had on the round, and so on.

  4. Check the rule number in the ban and re-read the escalation policy. If there was additional context the banning admin may have missed, include it in your ban appeal.

  • Adding the IC names of other people involved or specific things they said that can be looked up in the logs is helpful for investigating.
  1. Check the rules precedents doc to see if there is an official ruling that supports your actions in-game. If there is, make sure to mention this in the ban appeal. If there are precedents that go against what a mod banned you for, your appeal will almost always be accepted.

  2. Mods are humans and make mistakes. It’s okay to be mad about a ban, but wait until you’re calm to write your appeal. If you’re hostile in appeal, don’t expect it to be taken seriously. If you have a concern about a mod’s conduct in your ticket (NOT whether or not you disagreed with the banning reason since that’s what a ban appeal is for), file a staff report.

  3. Take responsibility and be honest in your appeal. Not only does it make your appeal look better, but getting caught lying in your appeal will increase your ban duration.


Step 8. Blame the admins and don’t take any responsibility.


If you DM me on Discord whining about your ban I will snap your neck.


To add to this, don’t DM admins instead of making an appeal if you’ve been already banned. We’ll just tell you to make an appeal.

telling the admin “ok fatass rub your fat rolls all over me” is guaranteed to get you unbanned


remember to always use every racial slur in the book instead of the word ‘admins’