Appeal for Ban: Metacomming by Marshturtle

Byond Account:Marshturtle
Character Name(s):Marsh Marshson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Marsh#3593
Round ID of Ban:13850
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State Your Appeal: I was metacomming with my friend who I won’t state the name of, for the second time. I don’t find this as excluding others from having fun as it isn’t something like rdm. I’d also like to add that Horatio22 said “this might as well be permanent, cause this sure as shit isn’t getting appealed” from what I recall. This isn’t really worth a perma ban. Thank you for reading.

This isn’t really worth a perma ban. Thank you for reading.

  • 2). Malicious acts like griefing, metagaming, killbaiting, banbaiting, powergaming, self-antagging, greytiding, validhunting (along with calling people and silicons valid without proper cause), and exploiting can become bannable offenses if occurring regularly or if the infraction is serious enough. See the glossary at the bottom of the rules for more information.

  • 8). Revealing information about the current round in OOC, Discord, or the forums (metacomming) is strictly prohibited. Wait until after the Round End screen to discuss the round or file a report.

  • 10) . Each round exists independently of all other rounds. While friendships persisting through rounds is okay, using experiences from other rounds to give an advantage or disadvantage to other players is not permitted.

No, this is clearly a perma offense and you should have know it if you had read the server rules before you rushed to make this ban appeal…
Or after your last 1 week ban…
Or the 3 day one…
Or the time you got noted for metacom which was 6 days ago…

Denied, this is legit one of the poorest appeals I had to deal with.