Ban appeal for Byrobbie

Byond Account: Byrobbie
Character Name(s): Lestat Lavigne
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): dont have discord anymore
Round ID of Ban: 24207

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
So addressing each ban reason individually, from left to right, under the claim that I was incompetent. I argue that I was competent as the Captain of that round. I gave the AI laws that weren’t standard because that is something that can make the round more fun if done right. The laws were derived from a poll that I made earlier in the round in which the crew would be able to provide input as to what laws the AI should have, I don’t see anything incompetent about this since I hand picked them, the expectations were for it to be entertaining and silly, but not hurt the round, and it was just that from my recount. I could’ve changed the laws at any moment if something did go wrong, but nothing did.

Okay now to address telling the AI to open the armory before disconnecting, I did both of these in competent ways as well. I told the AI to open the Armory because according to comms, there were pirates and Security wasn’t fighting them, there was no Head of Security to organize Sec and I had to leave immediately because a family member just came to visit and was waiting for me downstairs. So I determined the best solution for the situation was to arm the crew so they could fight back against the pirates, and I told the AI to open the armory, and for the crew to get guns. If I wasn’t in a hurry to leave, I would’ve directed security myself and took the role of the HoS, instead of getting the crew involved. I left in a competent way, by ahelping that I had to go before leaving.

I’m not perfect, but I didn’t ruin the round, and from my perspective I made it more enjoyable in a competent way, having everything under control until I had to leave.

Your lawset was complete nonsense, you can’t use the excuse of “if done right” when you just make up a lawset that is a mess.

Law 1 - You are a kind soul
Law 2 - Laws are stinky
Law 3 - Only people named John are human
Law 4 - Let the AI be free
Law 5 - Tomar is now legal
Law 6 - Hamborger

This is just a meme.

You were ahelped asking what was the deal with the AI lawset and instead of answering, said you had to leave and disconnected.
I won’t believe a guest showed up and you had to leave, it is blatantly trying to dodge talking with an admin about the mess you made.