Ban Appeal - PeeHoo (A Case of Context Revised)

Byond Account: PeeHoo
Character Name(s): Orion
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Valentine335#7938 
Round ID of Ban: 26196

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - cd7f343d25d2f921bc7a77229526612c - Gyazo
State your appeal:
Link to original post if anyone wants - Ban Appeal - PeeHoo (A Case of Context)
Chef- Martin Maneli Montagu

Hello to all this may reach, this is my shortened ban appeal to resolve a grief patrol that resulted in my permanent ban. The chef left his apron on the public counter and I thought he didn’t want it anymore. Turns out he wanted it enough to try to murder me for it even though I’m pretty sure when he got it back he put it down disposal. I ran away and threw chairs at him until he couldn’t chase me anymore. He spent the rest of the round attacking me whenever he saw me in the halls. I eventually had hulk later in the round due to befriending a geneticist and just doing genetics with him in his lab for a long while. So whenever the really upset chef would try to fight me in the halls he would just not win cause I was a hulk. He posted screenshots of his corpse on his grief patrol post saying I kept antagonizing him even though I had been hunted and jumped by him multiple times in the shift. At the time of the initial confrontation I also told him to please stop and that they are just clothes and he just kept doing what he wanted. I understand and acknowledge that even though he was doing actions to instigate its not my place to respond with the same energy. I’ve re-read the rules on escalation to familiarize myself more with this as well as helpful DMs from fellow crewmates sharing their insight on what may have been a better approach to handling this scenario. I appreciate any help and would love to return to my favorite station. Ill leave the link to the original post as well as the chef in questions IC name at the top.

For what its worth I really am sorry for the situation and I can say this will be the first and last time a situation I’m in will escalate to this level. Even if there is a situation similar to this one where the player against me has resentment I just wont let it escalate any longer. The rules and thoughts of other crew members have demonstrated how this situation should have been handled and how I will handle them going forward. Thanks again for your time. <3

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This is appealed, sorry for the wait.