BanAppeal for core 2.3

Byond Account: Bruhsyster371
Character Name(s): Maxim Wentzel
Discord Name: Квадратик#9091
Round ID of Ban: 12678, 12691, 12698
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Antag Rolling Reason: There have been many instances of you aggroing lavaland mobs, hitting them a couple of times then dying to them at round start. During one of these instances you died to a bloob-drunk miner right after War Ops was declared and become other of the War Ops reinforcements.

State your appeal: Because this ban includes several situations, Im going to write about every one of them. Basically all my deaths are my incompetence in mining.

p.s grief report-Maxim Wentzel - Antag rolling, part 2 (electric boogaloo) - #5 by Kvadrateek_Today

Round 12678(Immediately dies and DNRs after his antag ban is lifted.)
Died to goliath tentacle spam, almost got one tendril and got caught, tried getting them for necropolis chests , didn’t do this for the purpose of rolling antags nor tried to(I think I just quit the game after I died or entered cybersun, don’t remember).

Round 12691(Went DNR when they saw a miner was trying to save their body.)
This is the ridiculous one, I dunno if that NASA moderator even looked into logs. I got saved that round and I did play it to the end, I got patched up in medbay…

Round 12698 (War ops round, he very likely oxytank suicided, as his brain ended up in disposals , then he rolled clown op reinforcement )
I died to BDM that round, I successfully got his HP down to a half and had survival epi pen in me so that was an easy fight untill I bumped into a legion, whose skulls blocked my attacks and I died being gibbed by miner afterwards. Hiero would be a nice tool in fighting nukies ,this is just how lavaland sometimes is, yes I did play as clown op afterwards, but it wasn’t reinforcements, it was a dude being catatonic or afk, don’t remember,and his body was offered to ghosts.

As you can understand, I wasn’t antag rolling. Those bans are absurd and about situation in round 12691 it’s dumb, I can’t imagine how moderator was working with that grief report, I bet he didn’t even looked in logs. Dunno if this is staff-report worthy.

Appeal accepted. The first situation is iffy, as you did actually die within minutes and disconnect, but the other two are clearly incorrect on the mod’s part and you are telling the truth. It frustrates me that there was so little investigation into this ban when things like the DNR and oxytank suicide are clearly wrong. Apologies that you had to deal with someone jumping to conclusions with no looking into it themselves.

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